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  • Use home equity to fund a more stable retirement
  • Pay off any existing mortgage payments or other debts
  • Purchase a home to relocate, downsize or buy the home of your dreams
  • Pay for in-home care services, reducing the need for expensive external care
  • Access to a standby HECM reverse mortgage growing line of credit – which can be set up in advance – ready to help pay for unplanned expenses
  • Help family members with a large expense, such as tuition for college or a down payment for a new house
  • And any other purpose

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  • What is a HECM reverse mortgage
  • How a reverse mortgage can bring you closer to the retirement you deserve
  • The advantages in getting a reverse mortgage
  • The difference between a reverse and a forward (traditional) mortgage
  • The reverse mortgage process made simple
  • And much more

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